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Posted by Sue on November 1, 2011 at 8:25 PM

Kristina’s Dream:

So I had a dream on the 28th of July (not a significant day for me) two days before I turned 27. I was walking through a crowed outdoor store type place at night and there were vendors on each side of me kind of like a carnival where they sort of just yell for you to come over and you ignore them. Well as I was walking through holding on to someone’s shoulder (not sure who) because there was so many people we were almost walking like shuffling our feet. I looked to the left and saw my grandfather who passed away 12 years ago, whom I was very, very close with and haven’t dreamt about in years. He passed away on the 20th of June and was born on the 21st of June so I do not think it has anything to do with dates in his life/death. In his booth all he had was two big grey slate tablets and they both had the number 28 on them in black. They were on a table and taller than him. He was holding one of them (the one on the left so he was in between the two big slates) on the top and pointing to the number kind of like vanna white with wheel of fortune and talking and talking I could not understand anything he was saying, but I saw his mouth moving and he was talking to me and gesturing like it was really important, but I could understand it. All I was able to understand was “it’ll be OK” at the end of the dream. Throughout the dream and when I woke up I had a terrible feeling that he was trying to warn me about something, like something is going to go wrong in my when I am 28, but it will be OK. What do you think??

Sue B’s Interpretation:

My first impression is that your dream is reflecting your current feelings and the path your life is current on. I do not see this as a prophetic dream warning you of something that will occur in the future.

Most likely, your birthday has kicked up feelings about your goals in life and the often unrealistic timelines we assume. Many people, for example, want to be married with two kids, a dog and a house with a white picket fence by the time they are 30. You may be imposing similar expectations of yourself for the age of 28. These expectations normally surround marriage, having children, or status symbols such as houses, cars, income, etc. The beginning of your dream starts with your walking through a carnival. This could be symbolizing how you are approaching life and the direction your life. It is taking place at night which is showing your feelings of "being in the dark" and feeling unclear. Since you are ignoring many vendors attempting to sell you something, it appears as though you may be in search of something important for your life’s quest but are ignoring it or are only being shown what you feel is unimportant and continue to attempt to find what you believe is important (this could relate to relationships, life’s goals, your career, etc.). This appears to be a chaotic scene. You may feel crowded in your life as if there is not enough room for what you need to do and you may feel confused about how best to get what you want. Considering you are holding onto someone’s shoulder and being led through this dream shows you do not feel you have full control over the direction of your life and may feel you are burdening someone else.

Your grandfather is symbolizing something important for you. Grandparents often symbolize the wisdom we have within us. Since your grandfather has passed away, he could also be symbolizing something old within yourself that relates to your past. Perhaps you have set unrealistic goals/expectations of yourself in the past and are now feeling the self-imposed pressure since you are now coming up to an “expiration date.” The two grey slabs are what you have imposed onto yourself and have “written in stone.” Your grandfather is symbolizing your inner wisdom when he tells you it will be ok. You may not meet your goals by the dates you wanted to but it does not mean you need to give up. The goals you have set are not actually written in stone and need to be modified in order for you to feel fulfilled.

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  • "Great dream analysis Sue! Thank you! Tremendous insight."
    Great dream analysis!