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Posted by Sue on November 4, 2011 at 8:25 PM

Leah’s Dream:

I have 2 re-occurring dreams every week. The first dream actually re-occurs like every 2 days. I have a dream that I am in trouble and I need to call 911 and it never works. I will look down at my phone and see that i dialed 811, 511 or the police officer laughs at me, or there is no dial tone, or someone tapped into the phone lines and they are pretending to be the police. I know it's weird. Then the other dream I've been having is when I go to fight someone and I can't. I try and punch them with all my might and it feels like I'm going to hit them hard, but something stops me and I don't hurt them at all. What could these possibly mean? I guess there’s another one too. Sometimes I dream of my ex-boyfriend. I know, it probably means that I unconsciously like him still, BUT I don't. I think maybe I still feel sad for him. 3 years ago I broke up with him for his best friend, and I have been dating his best friend since then, and I still love him to death. Do you think it's just because I still feel sorry for him. Ok, Thank you.

Sue B’s Interpretation:

Reoccurring dreams are very powerful messages indicating to you that you have not resolved something very important. You may want to review your life and attempt to identify any areas (relationships, job, family, personal growth, etc) that feel “stuck.”


Your first reoccurring dream involving failed attempts to contact 911 is a reflection of your feelings associated with feeling helpless, not feeling heard, and needing help and not being able to find the appropriate tools to get you out of an emergency. Reoccurring dreams often reflect an emergency in general- this is why it is reoccurring- we did not correct something important the first time and we will continue to harp on this issue until we resolve it in our waking lives in some way. Most likely, this dream is reflecting your need to rescue yourself and either your feeling as though you are not always taking yourself seriously enough (perhaps you need to make an important decision about your career relationship or spend more time working on spiritual matters or growing as a person) or someone important in your life is not available for you to express what is truly important (your needs, etc) to you.

The next reoccurring dream involves you attempting to fight and not being able to. This dream shows that you have feelings of fighting against something and feeling powerless. Again, a reoccurring dream is essentially your psyche screaming at you to take notice of what is going on so that you can make an important change in your life. You will need to explore what each of these dreams means to understand what you are fighting against. It is possible you are experiencing internal fighting and feel as though you are at war with yourself or conflicted over a specific issue. This is an uncomfortable state to be in. You also could be dreaming of external issues you feel are threatening you and you feel powerless over something.

Your last reoccurring dream involves your exboyfriend. This dream means what you think it means. If you don’t think you subconsciously still like him, then it does not mean this. If you think you are dreaming of him because you feel sorry for him since you dumped him for his best friend, then this is probably what your dream means. It may also be helpful for you to view this dream in another way. You may not actually be dreaming of your exboyfriend but he may symbolize something that relates to you now. What traits of your exboyfriend or aspects of your relationship with him or your feelings about the break up relate to another aspect of your life right now?

Since you are having a number of reoccurring dreams, it is important to view them collectively and attempt to understand what you are not addressing in your life. My advice would be to review each aspect of your current life and attempt to identify any areas that you have neglected or any issues that trouble you that you have ignored. Clearly, your dream life is giving you a few red flags that need attention. Since your dreams seem to be expressing feelings of powerlessness, feeling unable to affect events around you, and maybe being left behind or rejected, it sounds as though it is important for you to find a way to empower yourself and feel more in control of your life.

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  • "Great dream analysis Sue! Thank you! Tremendous insight."
    Great dream analysis!