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Bears vs. Lions

Posted by Sue on October 25, 2011 at 8:20 PM

Kristen’s Dream:

I was in a house…there was a lion and bear fighting each other. I understood the lion was protecting me. Then he turned to look at me as if to let me know that he was about to let go and I needed to run. I ran to a bathroom. The bear took after me. I fought it at the door and then climbed into the ceiling tiles. I went through the whole house through the ceiling. The bear was chasing me. He sniffed at the air and scratched at the ceiling …growling etc. I escaped out of the house and people are having a BBQ and having a good time. I told them what had happened and that the bear may come out. They told me to be careful and they all told me I was fine now and to relax. What does the lion and bear mean?

Sue B.’s Interpretation:

Both the bear and the lion tend to have an aggressive symbolism. What is interesting in your dream is that the lion was protecting you from the bear which means these two animals have two very different meanings for you.

A bear tends to represent the female side of your psychic and wisdom. This symbol tends to be associated with what you have internalized from your mother. Most of the meaning of this dream seems to point to subconscious conflicts you are having- issues that you are not fully aware of. It is possible this conflict is related to your relationship with your mother or negative experiences you have had with other women.

A lion tends to represent your masculine side and may also be associated with your relationship with your father. While this side seems like it is "protecting" you, it is also getting in the way from you to face and resolve an issue.

It is possible your dream is reflecting how conflicts between your mother and father have translated to inner conflicts within yourself. The lion and bear are fighting each other in your dream showing you that these two aspects are in conflict. It is ideal strike a balance between the female and male aspects within.

It sounds as though you are avoiding something that this bear represents in real life. Instead of facing this, you are escaping. Since you escape through the ceiling, it is possible your strongest defense is intellectualizing and otherthinking instead of accepting or feeling something.

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  • "Great dream analysis Sue! Thank you! Tremendous insight."
    Great dream analysis!