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Sabotaging your bliss

Posted by Sue on October 23, 2011 at 8:20 PM

Kira’s Dream:

I had this very realistic dream just last night, and it had very intense feelings of love. However when I really think about it, it doesn’t make sense. It all started when I was in a town (unsure of which one) I was being shown an apartment, but what looked more like a small motel strip club, it was a stacked motel…not one that was on the ground. When I walked in to this Motel it was very interesting, it had different rooms, all of which were well taken care of. There must have been 4-6 rooms being shown. In my dream I really liked it. Then there was this guy that appeared out of nowhere in my dream, I literally can’t remember where he appeared in the dream. My dreams have a habit of people just popping up and me not knowing who they are… This is the case with this guy…I was still in the same building and I guess he was one of the occupants in the rooms (I really don’t know??) and from first meeting we had an instant attraction, and the feelings were sooo intense, I felt like I couldn’t be away from him. We hugged and kissed and literally didn’t leave each others sides. Then I happened to look out the window and there was a woman coming to look at this building…and at this point the street was empty, there were no cars anymore…nothing, just me and him and two other occupants I did not know in this building. For some reason I felt danger upon looking out this window and we both were trying to find somewhere to hide together as we didn’t want to be apart. The way he held me and made me feel safe is still sooo strong. Strange parts were this lady eventually found just me and gave me some sort of small exploding ball (looked like a pellet from a pellet gun) I don’t know how I ended up using it, but I did and ended killing everyone around me including my “love”. Lastly the pain I could feel in my dream from not having him close to me, I sat and cried beside his body and wished I hadn’t done what I did and wished and wished my little heart away and in the end everyone was alive and it was back to normal. Note: I am a very light sleeper always, but it was very very hard to wake up from this dream.

Sue B.’s Interpretation:

Your dream sounds like it has to do with transitions and changes you are going through within your life. The woman that you felt was associate with danger represents a powerful female figure in your life (most likely your mother) who has had a negative impact on how you think of yourself and what you decide to pursue within your life. I do not believe you are actually dreaming of your mother (or another female figure) but what you have internalized. I see this person as part of you that has been influenced from the outside world. This aspect of self sounds, among other things, like it is your internal “sabatoger.”

I found this to be an interesting dream. When I read it closely, I see this dream as positive as it demonstrates you are learning something important in your life. The motel indicates you are in transition and are either remembering parts of who you are that were long forgotten or ignored/repressed OR you are exploring and discovering new parts of yourself and have experienced personal growth recently. It is important not to see the woman as the source of danger in the dream. The source of danger is your decision to accept the exploding ball from the woman which destroys everything you have cherished and enjoyed. What I found positive in this dream is you seem to undo the devastation this decision has caused. You wish it all away until everything is back to normal. This indicates that you are dreaming of a positive disastrous outcome if you continued on a particular path. You are able to undo this possible devastating scenario in real life by recognizing the choices you have presented before you and making what choices you feel are right for you and preserve what you value in your life.

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  • "Great dream analysis Sue! Thank you! Tremendous insight."
    Great dream analysis!