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Past Flames Shed Light onto Where You Want To Go

Posted by Sue on October 21, 2011 at 8:15 PM

Scott’s Dream:

I’ve only recently gotten in a pretty serious relationship, and I’m getting variations of this a decent amount. Most of my dreams up to now have just been about my childhood crush actually wanting to be with me, and I’m trying to decide if I want to give up on my current relationship and go with her, or be with my current girlfriend. But this recent one, both were in it.

I was at the location of my old school, and I saw my old crush. She seemed really interested in me, and told me we had to talk. We walk around for a while and end up at my car that is on top of a sidewalk extension for some reason. She then tells me that she wants to give us being together a try. I’m very confused in my dream at this point, because she’s never been really interested with me, but I’m feeling a deep wanting to be with her. I tell her that I’m currently with someone else, and don’t know what to say to her.

I’m feeling very conflicted and confused from this point for a while because my current girlfriend is really serious about us, and I really like her too, and expect to eventually pop the question with her, but this dream is killing me. Anyways, at this point school releases and people are leaving the buildings and going to the parking lot. At this point I’m walking around with my old crush who just asked me out, and asking her questions about what she thinks about the things my current girlfriend really like about me, and she ends up (at least saying) that she really likes those things too.

And then now my current girlfriend shows up and I explain the situation to her, and there is this sad look on her face like she already knows I’m going to give up on her (which I currently do not want to). I want to try and talk this out with all three of us together, but there are too many people to comfortably discuss the problem. We start walking around, with the longer we walk around the happier my old crush looks, and the sadder my current girlfriend looks.

It ends up getting really dark outside, and there are still tons of people, a random old large building ends up being where we were walking, and we go inside figuring that no one would be there so we could talk. When we go inside, a few minutes later tons of people start coming in. I’m confused as to why, and when I look outside I see a bunch of lights on the house (like Xmas or Halloween lights). I go back inside and we all go out another door on the side of the house. It’s much darker here, and there is this huge pond. It has tons of rocks and algae, and there are people underwater (Never get a good look at them) cleaning with long broom like brushes. A random small child jumps in after I am telling him not to, and then telling him to get out. He gets taken out by one of the men underwater, and we keep trying to find somewhere more personal to talk about our situation, and try going down the path along the house (the pond prevents us from going anywhere other than along the house), which leads us back to the front where there is a line of a bunch of people. We figure we can go back to the door by the pond and underwater people, and that will be personal enough. We get back there, and I see my current girlfriend is no longer really sad, but a little happy, and my old crush doesn’t seem either happy or sad. Just there. Then I wake up before we start talking.

I’m honestly not sure what to think of these dreams. I keep getting dreams that are different, but are all about my old crush trying to be with me. And I wake up confused, and unsure of what I’m to do. Although I’m in love with my current girlfriend, I’m just always considering what it would be like if I was with my old crush after these dreams. And if I’m going with the right person. These thoughts eventually fade when I’m with her, and I don’t think anything of the dreams. But I’m concerned that these dreams might come true, and my old crush will come up to me eventually asking this. These dreams are really confusing me when I get them. Do you have any insight as to what they might mean? Specifically this one I guess.


Sue B.’s Interpretation:


In my opinion, you are dreaming more of your feelings than you are of a situation that could potentially occur.

Only you can decide if you still have feelings for your ex-girlfriend. A word of caution- we tend to look back when we are not completely satisfied with how things are going presently. This does not mean that this is what we truly want. We fall back on what we know. Perhaps there are qualities in your ex-girlfriend or the relationship that you had with your ex-girlfriend that you feel are lacking in your current girlfriend/relationship. This dream may be more about aspects of that past relationship than the actual person.

Are you being yourself with your current girlfriend? The conflict may lie within yourself. Perhaps you are not expressing parts of yourself that you were able to express in the past when you were with this old crush. It is important as we mature and grow as individuals that we integrate both who we were in the past with who we are becoming.

You are in the dark in your dream because it sounds as it this is unclear to you. You are entering large structures and are around many people. This could be representing how your life has changed over the years. You are in a bigger space, there are many more people, more confusion, and you are unable to see or make sense of less than you were before. The pond is an interesting symbol. Within your dream, it sounds as if this is representing your subconscious and your feelings. In your dream you are avoiding this and are fearful of the people submerged. The people you see represent parts of you that are in touch with this side of you. They are cleaning with brushes which sounds as if you are currently in need of emotional cleansing. The child jumps in and is taken by a man which is a very strong symbol of your negative feelings related to growing up and losing your childhood or who you were in the past. Do you feel as though the person you were in the past has been swallowed up by the man you have become or need to become in the adult world?

The emotional state of your old crush and your current girlfriend are reflecting your feelings about them more so than the actual current feelings of the person. You do seem conflicted and your dream is prompting you to explore your feelings and resolve something personally for yourself. The conflicts we have within shape how we are with our relationships. In order for you to have a successful relationship with your current girlfriend whom you appear to care for deeply, you will need to resolve the presenting issues you are having about who you are, how you express yourself, and what you want and don’t want in your life.

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  • "Great dream analysis Sue! Thank you! Tremendous insight."
    Great dream analysis!