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It's always the mother's fault!

Posted by Sue on October 20, 2011 at 8:10 PM

S.T’s Dream:

I was at someone’s house I don’t know who’s with another guy and girl, I don’t know them but they were friends, because I was in love with the woman and she was in love with me and the other guy.

But it was like it was my day to spend time with her so I did, and we were making out heavily on the couch, before my family arrived and we were sharing stories and pictures etc.

Then the scene changed, we were older, by like 10 years at most and what we were doing we were all dressed nicer, all more professional looking and we were witting around in the apartment that you’ll find more about soon, sharing past stories. Before we started to share another and the scene changed

It was me and the girl again running through the college, I had no pants on but inside it was hug everyone you meet in the hall day because that’s what we had to keep doing over and over was hug everyone.

But we escaped outside, it was the same day as the previous stuff before the scene change, and as we were running still without pants for me we stopped and she gave me my pants which she kept in her bag for me.

We kept running until we got home to the apartment mentioned before we were all just moving in, me, her, the other guy that she likes and that likes her, and another random guy.

The carpets were horrible colours of brown etc.

She took me to show me all the rooms this was the first time I was seeing it, the one bedroom was the first guys, the second was the guy that was liked etc the third was hers, and the last that wasn’t completed yet still dirty and gross not fixed up yet was mine, but she assured me, I’d be with her anyway

Scene changed back to the older us sitting around talking, before the mood became more solemn more down

friends had come over, of the 2nd guy the one that was liked etc, and two of them were gay, and were offering sex to anyone that wanted it, at which points our eyes met and I ran away to the bathroom the first guy followed and was getting me ready etc before he gave up and the 2nd guy came in.

The second guy was rougher, and this is where it blanked for about 5 minutes

Then it came back and I wasn’t there in the bathroom I wasn’t me, I was living it through the memories of the others now, and the water from the shower was spilling out of the bathroom to the kitchen that’s when they knew something was wrong

I came staggering out of the bathroom almost head to toe in blood, he came out and took off and others raced after him

Scene changed again back to ‘present’ and the girl that I loved was there and I was me, and she came over to me and sat with me, ring on her finger she was mine from that day forward she explained, especially after (this seems impossible) she sucked out the hot wax from my mouth and throat to save my life, and from that moment on she vowed to be mine and we’re as happy as can be.

Sue B.’s Interpretation:

This dream seems to be related to many deep facets of who you are. You seem to be dreaming of your upbringing and how that affected your self-esteem, growing up and becoming more mature, your relationships with others and your personal needs, and your sexuality.

The woman symbolizes a lot for you. I would say this symbol is layered for you. Your mother most likely was the greatest influence with this particular character that you have appeared to internalize. In most scenes of this dream, this woman is an aspect of you, symbolizing how your feminine side is treating yourself. You appear to be connected to this part of yourself that is overall positive, powerful, and nurturing. You appear to be struggling with feeling as if you are not worthy of other’s affection, your own affection, and having your basic needs met. You may have siblings or growing up you may have gotten the impression that you are not only second choice to something but third or fourth choice. It sounds like you have always felt like you were not important, not entitled to attention and affection, and worthless. In this dream, it appears as though the dynamic you may have had with your parents growing up was internalized. This affects your relationships within yourself (you deciding not to meet your own needs, not to balance your life and choose to take care of yourself instead of pouring all of your energy into others) as well as the relationships you have or would like to pursue with others.

The changes between time periods appears to be symbolizing your reflections of your life and you processing how your experiences have affected who you are now. Running through college without pants may symbolize your feelings of vulnerability and fear of exposure. The hug everyone day may have symbolized your need to reach out to others, feel connected and feel re-connected with yourself.

There are a few symbols in your dream indicating feelings of dirtiness (brown carpets, dirty bedroom etc). You may struggle with feelings associated with shame and believing that deep down you are defective.

What has shaped who you are has shaped your sexuality and your relationships. You describe two different men in this dream. This may reflect both your internal thoughts and feelings related to your sexuality and the type of relationship you deserve as well as the relationships you have already experienced. It appears as though one of these men have truly harmed you. This experience symbolizes how draining this is for you—the water is spilling everywhere—this symbolizes your emotions, how they are not flowing in a healthy manner. You are covered with blood from head to toe- blood symbolizes your energy and it appears as though you are losing a lot of your energy in unhealthy relationships. These two symbols together sound as if you are drained and need time to reflect, heal emotionally, and build up more strength to take care of yourself.

The positive part of the dream reveals that you are processing how best to grow as a person and mature. If you reflecting back in this dream as if these events are not indicating what is happening in the hear and now. You are in conversing with many aspects within yourself and attempting to find understanding which will allow you to grow and move onto a healthier way of thinking and relating to yourself.

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  • "Great dream analysis Sue! Thank you! Tremendous insight."
    Great dream analysis!