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Nightime Rain and Family Visits

Posted by Sue on November 2, 2011 at 8:25 PM

Adrianna’s Dream:

I had a dream that I was driving in the rain with my sister. (Technically she’s my step sister. She lives in Las Vegas. I’m headed out there to visit her and my family from the 21st to the 27th of September) I’m pretty sure it was her driving because I think I was giving her directions. We were apparently going to my brother’s house. It was night and I remember looking at the color of the street lights shining through the rain spots on the windshield and reflecting off the wet pavement. (If I had to describe it it would have had the feeling of the movie Sin City, dark and wet and a little dirty) It was almost like I could feel the humidity from the rain inside the car. We were driving straight for a while, until we reached his street and made a right hand turn onto it.

We arrived at my brother’s house only it wasn’t anything like his apartment in real life; it was a brownstone type house with the neighboring houses attached, like you’d see in Queens or Brooklyn. Narrower than houses in the suburbs. We parked in front of his place, facing the wrong direction.

The house had a small chainlink fence and I noticed the trash cans just inside the fence. They were metal and the top was off of one of them. I remembered looking down at and seeing that the black bag inside of it was wet from the rain. We went through the gate and I looked up at the house and saw a light on in one of the windows.

That’s most of what I can remember.

Sue B’s Interpretation:

This dream appears to reflect your emotions associated with your family. It is possible your visit with your step sister is “driving” this emotional process for you. The rain is a positive symbol of emotional cleansing although it is also reflecting sadness. Since your dreamscape resembled Sin City, it sounds like your emotions regarding your family are mysterious, have bogged you down before, and hard for you to face.

Since your brother’s house is not what his actual house looks like in real life, it is possible you feel crowded or that your self expression is stifled in some way due to what you are experiencing. Since you park in the wrong direction, it is possible you feel you are going about things the wrong way. It is important to acknowledge and express emotions in some way. This dream indicates that this was not always something you did.

Your brother could represent your brother/family and you could be having some of these negative feelings associated with him or he could represent men in your life in general and how your family life has influenced your relationships with men.

It sounds like your trip (which you are currently on now) is dredging up emotions. Symbols such as the rain in a dirty city and the open garbage lid at your brother’s shows that you are dealing with something emotional you feel is ugly and dirty. Overall, it sounds as though you are facing something difficult and unpleasant instead of ignoring something that is important for you to process emotionally. Walking through the gate an seeing a light in one of the windows are positive symbols showing you that you are approaching new emotional ground and are shedding light onto something important for you to see.

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  • "Great dream analysis Sue! Thank you! Tremendous insight."
    Great dream analysis!