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Negotiating Our Past and Present Selves

Posted by Sue on October 30, 2011 at 8:20 PM

Joanna’s Dream:

I keep having the weirdest of dreams and cannot find any sort of interpretation for them. The other night at the end part of an already peculiar dream and the only bit I remember now, a stubby man with 6 eyes and 4 arms and a funny shaped blob-looking face told me it would be ok.

Last night I dreamt I was at a party walking round the house looking for I don’t know what feeling rather anxious, but bumped into a friend in the humongous bathroom with lots of cubicles and a man was spying on me weeing so I went to another cubicle and again he spied, I came out to talk to him but he was friendly and me and my mate put on ‘Disney princess type’ dresses and started giving out sweets to ‘friends I do not know but did at the party, then I went into a big forecourt where we were playing games and an old school friend (who I do not now see) started giving me a piggy back race while she was naked!! Any ideas?? Thanks

Sue B’s Interpretation:

The stubby man represents a higher conscious for you. Depending on your beliefs, this could represent your superego, your conscience, your psychological insight into yourself and your life, your spiritual side, your guide, your God, etc. To see this symbol as a stubby man may mean that you are minimizing this aspect at this time. The eyes and the arms are over-emphasized with numbers. This man is representing the ability to see things more clearly and completely (the big picture, the number six often represents completion) and to accomplish and do everything (the number 4 often symbolizes hard labor and getting things done as do arms.) He is telling you that it will be ok. This is an important message for you since your second dream appears to reveal feelings of anxiety and emotional issues. This is indicating that these feelings you are having are not realistic to what is truly going on around you.

The dream you had the last night from your entry demonstrates your anxiety. A party in the context you are dreaming of one tends to represent feelings of overwhelm, confusion, crowding. The bathroom is an important room in the house. This tends to represent how we deal with our emotions and how we cleanse ourselves emotionally and mentally. Since you see this bathroom as very large it is indicating that coping with your emotions is emphasized in your life right now. A man is spying on you as you urinate which indicates that you may not feel you are able to express or release your emotions without someone else judging you. You may feel violated in general with how interested people are in your every day affairs and may feel you do not have a moment to yourself. It is interesting that you and your friend dress up and give out sweets after this. Perhaps you have been conditioned to expect this type of attention and violation of your privacy and, as a girl, you are expected to appear a certain way- friendly accommodating, sweet, and focused on the needs and happiness of others rather than your own. Your old school friend could be representing a part of you that you no longer pay attention to that is associated with the time period you knew your old school friend. Perhaps when you were younger you discarded a part of your identity that you are dreaming of now. Your life has “piggy backed” on this younger part of yourself that is more vulnerable. This is a part you may deny and not express but it is subconsciously driving or influencing the direction your life is taking presently.

These dreams are telling you to pay attention to areas of your life and yourself that you have ignored and neglected. As we grow and change we often make the assumption that the older parts of who we are disappear when they actually continue to influence us and demand expression in a more subconscious way. Exploring these parts of yourself indicated in your dream may help you find what you are searching for and resolve some of the anxiety you are feeling.

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  • "Great dream analysis Sue! Thank you! Tremendous insight."
    Great dream analysis!