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Reoccurring Dreams

Posted by Sue on November 4, 2011 at 8:25 PM

Leah’s Dream:

I have 2 re-occurring dreams every week. The first dream actually re-occurs like every 2 days. I have a dream that I am in trouble and I need to call 911 and it never works. I will look down at my phone and see that i dialed 811, 511 or the police officer laughs at me, or there is no dial tone, or someone tapped into the phone lines and they are pretending to be the police. I know it's weird. Then the other dream I've been having is when I go to fight someone and I can't. I try and punch them with all my might and it feels like I'm going to hit them hard, but something stops me and I don't hurt them at all. What could these possibly mean? I guess there’s another one too. Sometimes I dream of my ex-boyfriend. I know, it probably means that I unconsciously like him still, BUT I don't. I think maybe I still feel sad for him. 3 years ago I broke up with him for his best friend, and I have been dating his best friend since then, and I still love him to death. Do you think it's just because I still feel sorry for him. Ok, Thank you.

Sue B’s Interpretation:

Reoccurring dreams are very powerful messages indicating to you that you have not resolved something very important. You may want to review your life and attempt to identify any areas (relationships, job, family, personal growth, etc) that feel “stuck.”


Your first reoccurring dream involving failed attempts to contact 911 is a reflection of your feelings associated with feeling helpless, not feeling heard, and needing help and not being able to find the appropriate tools to get you out of an emergency. Reoccurring dreams often reflect an emergency in general- this is why it is reoccurring- we did not correct something important the first time and we will continue to harp on this issue until we resolve it in our waking lives in some way. Most likely, this dream is reflecting your need to rescue yourself and either your feeling as though you are not always taking yourself seriously enough (perhaps you need to make an important decision about your career relationship or spend more time working on spiritual matters or growing as a person) or someone important in your life is not available for you to express what is truly important (your needs, etc) to you.

The next reoccurring dream involves you attempting to fight and not being able to. This dream shows that you have feelings of fighting against something and feeling powerless. Again, a reoccurring dream is essentially your psyche screaming at you to take notice of what is going on so that you can make an important change in your life. You will need to explore what each of these dreams means to understand what you are fighting against. It is possible you are experiencing internal fighting and feel as though you are at war with yourself or conflicted over a specific issue. This is an uncomfortable state to be in. You also could be dreaming of external issues you feel are threatening you and you feel powerless over something.

Your last reoccurring dream involves your exboyfriend. This dream means what you think it means. If you don’t think you subconsciously still like him, then it does not mean this. If you think you are dreaming of him because you feel sorry for him since you dumped him for his best friend, then this is probably what your dream means. It may also be helpful for you to view this dream in another way. You may not actually be dreaming of your exboyfriend but he may symbolize something that relates to you now. What traits of your exboyfriend or aspects of your relationship with him or your feelings about the break up relate to another aspect of your life right now?

Since you are having a number of reoccurring dreams, it is important to view them collectively and attempt to understand what you are not addressing in your life. My advice would be to review each aspect of your current life and attempt to identify any areas that you have neglected or any issues that trouble you that you have ignored. Clearly, your dream life is giving you a few red flags that need attention. Since your dreams seem to be expressing feelings of powerlessness, feeling unable to affect events around you, and maybe being left behind or rejected, it sounds as though it is important for you to find a way to empower yourself and feel more in control of your life.

Nightime Rain and Family Visits

Posted by Sue on November 2, 2011 at 8:25 PM

Adrianna’s Dream:

I had a dream that I was driving in the rain with my sister. (Technically she’s my step sister. She lives in Las Vegas. I’m headed out there to visit her and my family from the 21st to the 27th of September) I’m pretty sure it was her driving because I think I was giving her directions. We were apparently going to my brother’s house. It was night and I remember looking at the color of the street lights shining through the rain spots on the windshield and reflecting off the wet pavement. (If I had to describe it it would have had the feeling of the movie Sin City, dark and wet and a little dirty) It was almost like I could feel the humidity from the rain inside the car. We were driving straight for a while, until we reached his street and made a right hand turn onto it.

We arrived at my brother’s house only it wasn’t anything like his apartment in real life; it was a brownstone type house with the neighboring houses attached, like you’d see in Queens or Brooklyn. Narrower than houses in the suburbs. We parked in front of his place, facing the wrong direction.

The house had a small chainlink fence and I noticed the trash cans just inside the fence. They were metal and the top was off of one of them. I remembered looking down at and seeing that the black bag inside of it was wet from the rain. We went through the gate and I looked up at the house and saw a light on in one of the windows.

That’s most of what I can remember.

Sue B’s Interpretation:

This dream appears to reflect your emotions associated with your family. It is possible your visit with your step sister is “driving” this emotional process for you. The rain is a positive symbol of emotional cleansing although it is also reflecting sadness. Since your dreamscape resembled Sin City, it sounds like your emotions regarding your family are mysterious, have bogged you down before, and hard for you to face.

Since your brother’s house is not what his actual house looks like in real life, it is possible you feel crowded or that your self expression is stifled in some way due to what you are experiencing. Since you park in the wrong direction, it is possible you feel you are going about things the wrong way. It is important to acknowledge and express emotions in some way. This dream indicates that this was not always something you did.

Your brother could represent your brother/family and you could be having some of these negative feelings associated with him or he could represent men in your life in general and how your family life has influenced your relationships with men.

It sounds like your trip (which you are currently on now) is dredging up emotions. Symbols such as the rain in a dirty city and the open garbage lid at your brother’s shows that you are dealing with something emotional you feel is ugly and dirty. Overall, it sounds as though you are facing something difficult and unpleasant instead of ignoring something that is important for you to process emotionally. Walking through the gate an seeing a light in one of the windows are positive symbols showing you that you are approaching new emotional ground and are shedding light onto something important for you to see.

Making new plans

Posted by Sue on November 1, 2011 at 8:25 PM

Kristina’s Dream:

So I had a dream on the 28th of July (not a significant day for me) two days before I turned 27. I was walking through a crowed outdoor store type place at night and there were vendors on each side of me kind of like a carnival where they sort of just yell for you to come over and you ignore them. Well as I was walking through holding on to someone’s shoulder (not sure who) because there was so many people we were almost walking like shuffling our feet. I looked to the left and saw my grandfather who passed away 12 years ago, whom I was very, very close with and haven’t dreamt about in years. He passed away on the 20th of June and was born on the 21st of June so I do not think it has anything to do with dates in his life/death. In his booth all he had was two big grey slate tablets and they both had the number 28 on them in black. They were on a table and taller than him. He was holding one of them (the one on the left so he was in between the two big slates) on the top and pointing to the number kind of like vanna white with wheel of fortune and talking and talking I could not understand anything he was saying, but I saw his mouth moving and he was talking to me and gesturing like it was really important, but I could understand it. All I was able to understand was “it’ll be OK” at the end of the dream. Throughout the dream and when I woke up I had a terrible feeling that he was trying to warn me about something, like something is going to go wrong in my when I am 28, but it will be OK. What do you think??

Sue B’s Interpretation:

My first impression is that your dream is reflecting your current feelings and the path your life is current on. I do not see this as a prophetic dream warning you of something that will occur in the future.

Most likely, your birthday has kicked up feelings about your goals in life and the often unrealistic timelines we assume. Many people, for example, want to be married with two kids, a dog and a house with a white picket fence by the time they are 30. You may be imposing similar expectations of yourself for the age of 28. These expectations normally surround marriage, having children, or status symbols such as houses, cars, income, etc. The beginning of your dream starts with your walking through a carnival. This could be symbolizing how you are approaching life and the direction your life. It is taking place at night which is showing your feelings of "being in the dark" and feeling unclear. Since you are ignoring many vendors attempting to sell you something, it appears as though you may be in search of something important for your life’s quest but are ignoring it or are only being shown what you feel is unimportant and continue to attempt to find what you believe is important (this could relate to relationships, life’s goals, your career, etc.). This appears to be a chaotic scene. You may feel crowded in your life as if there is not enough room for what you need to do and you may feel confused about how best to get what you want. Considering you are holding onto someone’s shoulder and being led through this dream shows you do not feel you have full control over the direction of your life and may feel you are burdening someone else.

Your grandfather is symbolizing something important for you. Grandparents often symbolize the wisdom we have within us. Since your grandfather has passed away, he could also be symbolizing something old within yourself that relates to your past. Perhaps you have set unrealistic goals/expectations of yourself in the past and are now feeling the self-imposed pressure since you are now coming up to an “expiration date.” The two grey slabs are what you have imposed onto yourself and have “written in stone.” Your grandfather is symbolizing your inner wisdom when he tells you it will be ok. You may not meet your goals by the dates you wanted to but it does not mean you need to give up. The goals you have set are not actually written in stone and need to be modified in order for you to feel fulfilled.

Negotiating Our Past and Present Selves

Posted by Sue on October 30, 2011 at 8:20 PM

Joanna’s Dream:

I keep having the weirdest of dreams and cannot find any sort of interpretation for them. The other night at the end part of an already peculiar dream and the only bit I remember now, a stubby man with 6 eyes and 4 arms and a funny shaped blob-looking face told me it would be ok.

Last night I dreamt I was at a party walking round the house looking for I don’t know what feeling rather anxious, but bumped into a friend in the humongous bathroom with lots of cubicles and a man was spying on me weeing so I went to another cubicle and again he spied, I came out to talk to him but he was friendly and me and my mate put on ‘Disney princess type’ dresses and started giving out sweets to ‘friends I do not know but did at the party, then I went into a big forecourt where we were playing games and an old school friend (who I do not now see) started giving me a piggy back race while she was naked!! Any ideas?? Thanks

Sue B’s Interpretation:

The stubby man represents a higher conscious for you. Depending on your beliefs, this could represent your superego, your conscience, your psychological insight into yourself and your life, your spiritual side, your guide, your God, etc. To see this symbol as a stubby man may mean that you are minimizing this aspect at this time. The eyes and the arms are over-emphasized with numbers. This man is representing the ability to see things more clearly and completely (the big picture, the number six often represents completion) and to accomplish and do everything (the number 4 often symbolizes hard labor and getting things done as do arms.) He is telling you that it will be ok. This is an important message for you since your second dream appears to reveal feelings of anxiety and emotional issues. This is indicating that these feelings you are having are not realistic to what is truly going on around you.

The dream you had the last night from your entry demonstrates your anxiety. A party in the context you are dreaming of one tends to represent feelings of overwhelm, confusion, crowding. The bathroom is an important room in the house. This tends to represent how we deal with our emotions and how we cleanse ourselves emotionally and mentally. Since you see this bathroom as very large it is indicating that coping with your emotions is emphasized in your life right now. A man is spying on you as you urinate which indicates that you may not feel you are able to express or release your emotions without someone else judging you. You may feel violated in general with how interested people are in your every day affairs and may feel you do not have a moment to yourself. It is interesting that you and your friend dress up and give out sweets after this. Perhaps you have been conditioned to expect this type of attention and violation of your privacy and, as a girl, you are expected to appear a certain way- friendly accommodating, sweet, and focused on the needs and happiness of others rather than your own. Your old school friend could be representing a part of you that you no longer pay attention to that is associated with the time period you knew your old school friend. Perhaps when you were younger you discarded a part of your identity that you are dreaming of now. Your life has “piggy backed” on this younger part of yourself that is more vulnerable. This is a part you may deny and not express but it is subconsciously driving or influencing the direction your life is taking presently.

These dreams are telling you to pay attention to areas of your life and yourself that you have ignored and neglected. As we grow and change we often make the assumption that the older parts of who we are disappear when they actually continue to influence us and demand expression in a more subconscious way. Exploring these parts of yourself indicated in your dream may help you find what you are searching for and resolve some of the anxiety you are feeling.

Preserving the past

Posted by Sue on October 27, 2011 at 8:20 PM

Raul’s Dream:

I had a dream that one of my friends died and that during the rosary I fell asleep. I woke up and the Funeral home was closed. I tried to find an exit. The only door I found was the embalming room. I walked in and two bodies fell on me. I woke up sweating.

Sue B.’s Interpretation:

Dreams of death tend to symbolize the end of one thing and the start of something new. To interpret this dream, you will need to explore what this friend means to you- What traits do you have in common? What is your relationship like with this friend? How would you describe this friend and how does what you described apply to your life right now?

Since you fell asleep, it sounds as if you had a loss and a transformation (perhaps entering adulthood or growing) without being aware of it. Perhaps now you are looking back and wondering how a part of your life ended and how you got to where you are in your life right now. The dream hints at a feeling of missing out on something such as a ceremony acknowledging the change (like missing graduation for example) or the time period in which most others acknowledged the change, mourned what was ending and embraced what was beginning.

It is interesting the only door you find that is open is the embalming room. You cannot leave the funeral home yet because you have unfinished business with what this event is symbolizing. You cannot simply sleep through this process. This is something that has waited for you to acknowledge and deal with and will not go away until you do so. The embalming room symbolizes what you are preserving or attempting to preserve in vain. A doubled symbol (two bodies) tends to mean to me an exaggeration of the symbol. The two bodies falling onto you is an important symbol within this dream. They symbolize what you are attempting to hold onto, how the act of holding onto something instead of moving on is falling onto you, and your feelings associated with this aspect of your life.

Bears vs. Lions

Posted by Sue on October 25, 2011 at 8:20 PM

Kristen’s Dream:

I was in a house…there was a lion and bear fighting each other. I understood the lion was protecting me. Then he turned to look at me as if to let me know that he was about to let go and I needed to run. I ran to a bathroom. The bear took after me. I fought it at the door and then climbed into the ceiling tiles. I went through the whole house through the ceiling. The bear was chasing me. He sniffed at the air and scratched at the ceiling …growling etc. I escaped out of the house and people are having a BBQ and having a good time. I told them what had happened and that the bear may come out. They told me to be careful and they all told me I was fine now and to relax. What does the lion and bear mean?

Sue B.’s Interpretation:

Both the bear and the lion tend to have an aggressive symbolism. What is interesting in your dream is that the lion was protecting you from the bear which means these two animals have two very different meanings for you.

A bear tends to represent the female side of your psychic and wisdom. This symbol tends to be associated with what you have internalized from your mother. Most of the meaning of this dream seems to point to subconscious conflicts you are having- issues that you are not fully aware of. It is possible this conflict is related to your relationship with your mother or negative experiences you have had with other women.

A lion tends to represent your masculine side and may also be associated with your relationship with your father. While this side seems like it is "protecting" you, it is also getting in the way from you to face and resolve an issue.

It is possible your dream is reflecting how conflicts between your mother and father have translated to inner conflicts within yourself. The lion and bear are fighting each other in your dream showing you that these two aspects are in conflict. It is ideal strike a balance between the female and male aspects within.

It sounds as though you are avoiding something that this bear represents in real life. Instead of facing this, you are escaping. Since you escape through the ceiling, it is possible your strongest defense is intellectualizing and otherthinking instead of accepting or feeling something.

Sabotaging your bliss

Posted by Sue on October 23, 2011 at 8:20 PM

Kira’s Dream:

I had this very realistic dream just last night, and it had very intense feelings of love. However when I really think about it, it doesn’t make sense. It all started when I was in a town (unsure of which one) I was being shown an apartment, but what looked more like a small motel strip club, it was a stacked motel…not one that was on the ground. When I walked in to this Motel it was very interesting, it had different rooms, all of which were well taken care of. There must have been 4-6 rooms being shown. In my dream I really liked it. Then there was this guy that appeared out of nowhere in my dream, I literally can’t remember where he appeared in the dream. My dreams have a habit of people just popping up and me not knowing who they are… This is the case with this guy…I was still in the same building and I guess he was one of the occupants in the rooms (I really don’t know??) and from first meeting we had an instant attraction, and the feelings were sooo intense, I felt like I couldn’t be away from him. We hugged and kissed and literally didn’t leave each others sides. Then I happened to look out the window and there was a woman coming to look at this building…and at this point the street was empty, there were no cars anymore…nothing, just me and him and two other occupants I did not know in this building. For some reason I felt danger upon looking out this window and we both were trying to find somewhere to hide together as we didn’t want to be apart. The way he held me and made me feel safe is still sooo strong. Strange parts were this lady eventually found just me and gave me some sort of small exploding ball (looked like a pellet from a pellet gun) I don’t know how I ended up using it, but I did and ended killing everyone around me including my “love”. Lastly the pain I could feel in my dream from not having him close to me, I sat and cried beside his body and wished I hadn’t done what I did and wished and wished my little heart away and in the end everyone was alive and it was back to normal. Note: I am a very light sleeper always, but it was very very hard to wake up from this dream.

Sue B.’s Interpretation:

Your dream sounds like it has to do with transitions and changes you are going through within your life. The woman that you felt was associate with danger represents a powerful female figure in your life (most likely your mother) who has had a negative impact on how you think of yourself and what you decide to pursue within your life. I do not believe you are actually dreaming of your mother (or another female figure) but what you have internalized. I see this person as part of you that has been influenced from the outside world. This aspect of self sounds, among other things, like it is your internal “sabatoger.”

I found this to be an interesting dream. When I read it closely, I see this dream as positive as it demonstrates you are learning something important in your life. The motel indicates you are in transition and are either remembering parts of who you are that were long forgotten or ignored/repressed OR you are exploring and discovering new parts of yourself and have experienced personal growth recently. It is important not to see the woman as the source of danger in the dream. The source of danger is your decision to accept the exploding ball from the woman which destroys everything you have cherished and enjoyed. What I found positive in this dream is you seem to undo the devastation this decision has caused. You wish it all away until everything is back to normal. This indicates that you are dreaming of a positive disastrous outcome if you continued on a particular path. You are able to undo this possible devastating scenario in real life by recognizing the choices you have presented before you and making what choices you feel are right for you and preserve what you value in your life.

Breaking up is hard to do

Posted by Sue on October 22, 2011 at 8:15 PM

Kristen’s Dream:

I had a dream that my boyfriend, just after had moved out painted the interior walls a purple color. I was telling him it was beautiful…though inside I was not liking it that much.

The other dream was before I moved out…I had tried to color my hair like always except this time instead of it coming out blond and straight … it was brown, matted, short and curly. I looked terrible and was not sure what to do about it.

Sue B.’s Interpretation:

Your dreams sound as if they are expressing your feelings and thoughts about the relationship with your boyfriend. When we end a relationship, we are also making internal changes and choosing what to let go of and what to hold onto within us that we associate with the relationship.

Before you moved out, you dreamt your hair was completely changed in a negative way- instead of blond and straight as you like it, your hair is brown, matted, short and curly. Hair often reflects how our thoughts and beliefs are affecting us. Since you were about to leave your boyfriend, it is likely you were dreaming of the negative thoughts and feelings you were having about the relationship. This was most likely bringing you down emotionally and creating conflict within yourself. You said you felt like in your dream you looked terrible and were not sure what to do about it. At the time you had this dream, you probably were becoming aware you were not happy, you needed a change, and were conscious of the negative affect staying in the relationship was having on you but you were not sure yet how to go about making the change.

The dream you had after you left your boyfriend may express how you were dealing with the adjustment of leaving your boyfriend and making this change. Purple is a color that symbolizes many things- spirituality, love, dignity, royalty, etc. What was interesting in this dream is that you lie to the boyfriend and tell him you like the purple paint when you actually do not. This dream could have been indicating to you that it is important for you to be honest with yourself about the relationship, the reasons why you left, and the importance of thinking for yourself instead of telling people what they want to hear.

Past Flames Shed Light onto Where You Want To Go

Posted by Sue on October 21, 2011 at 8:15 PM

Scott’s Dream:

I’ve only recently gotten in a pretty serious relationship, and I’m getting variations of this a decent amount. Most of my dreams up to now have just been about my childhood crush actually wanting to be with me, and I’m trying to decide if I want to give up on my current relationship and go with her, or be with my current girlfriend. But this recent one, both were in it.

I was at the location of my old school, and I saw my old crush. She seemed really interested in me, and told me we had to talk. We walk around for a while and end up at my car that is on top of a sidewalk extension for some reason. She then tells me that she wants to give us being together a try. I’m very confused in my dream at this point, because she’s never been really interested with me, but I’m feeling a deep wanting to be with her. I tell her that I’m currently with someone else, and don’t know what to say to her.

I’m feeling very conflicted and confused from this point for a while because my current girlfriend is really serious about us, and I really like her too, and expect to eventually pop the question with her, but this dream is killing me. Anyways, at this point school releases and people are leaving the buildings and going to the parking lot. At this point I’m walking around with my old crush who just asked me out, and asking her questions about what she thinks about the things my current girlfriend really like about me, and she ends up (at least saying) that she really likes those things too.

And then now my current girlfriend shows up and I explain the situation to her, and there is this sad look on her face like she already knows I’m going to give up on her (which I currently do not want to). I want to try and talk this out with all three of us together, but there are too many people to comfortably discuss the problem. We start walking around, with the longer we walk around the happier my old crush looks, and the sadder my current girlfriend looks.

It ends up getting really dark outside, and there are still tons of people, a random old large building ends up being where we were walking, and we go inside figuring that no one would be there so we could talk. When we go inside, a few minutes later tons of people start coming in. I’m confused as to why, and when I look outside I see a bunch of lights on the house (like Xmas or Halloween lights). I go back inside and we all go out another door on the side of the house. It’s much darker here, and there is this huge pond. It has tons of rocks and algae, and there are people underwater (Never get a good look at them) cleaning with long broom like brushes. A random small child jumps in after I am telling him not to, and then telling him to get out. He gets taken out by one of the men underwater, and we keep trying to find somewhere more personal to talk about our situation, and try going down the path along the house (the pond prevents us from going anywhere other than along the house), which leads us back to the front where there is a line of a bunch of people. We figure we can go back to the door by the pond and underwater people, and that will be personal enough. We get back there, and I see my current girlfriend is no longer really sad, but a little happy, and my old crush doesn’t seem either happy or sad. Just there. Then I wake up before we start talking.

I’m honestly not sure what to think of these dreams. I keep getting dreams that are different, but are all about my old crush trying to be with me. And I wake up confused, and unsure of what I’m to do. Although I’m in love with my current girlfriend, I’m just always considering what it would be like if I was with my old crush after these dreams. And if I’m going with the right person. These thoughts eventually fade when I’m with her, and I don’t think anything of the dreams. But I’m concerned that these dreams might come true, and my old crush will come up to me eventually asking this. These dreams are really confusing me when I get them. Do you have any insight as to what they might mean? Specifically this one I guess.


Sue B.’s Interpretation:


In my opinion, you are dreaming more of your feelings than you are of a situation that could potentially occur.

Only you can decide if you still have feelings for your ex-girlfriend. A word of caution- we tend to look back when we are not completely satisfied with how things are going presently. This does not mean that this is what we truly want. We fall back on what we know. Perhaps there are qualities in your ex-girlfriend or the relationship that you had with your ex-girlfriend that you feel are lacking in your current girlfriend/relationship. This dream may be more about aspects of that past relationship than the actual person.

Are you being yourself with your current girlfriend? The conflict may lie within yourself. Perhaps you are not expressing parts of yourself that you were able to express in the past when you were with this old crush. It is important as we mature and grow as individuals that we integrate both who we were in the past with who we are becoming.

You are in the dark in your dream because it sounds as it this is unclear to you. You are entering large structures and are around many people. This could be representing how your life has changed over the years. You are in a bigger space, there are many more people, more confusion, and you are unable to see or make sense of less than you were before. The pond is an interesting symbol. Within your dream, it sounds as if this is representing your subconscious and your feelings. In your dream you are avoiding this and are fearful of the people submerged. The people you see represent parts of you that are in touch with this side of you. They are cleaning with brushes which sounds as if you are currently in need of emotional cleansing. The child jumps in and is taken by a man which is a very strong symbol of your negative feelings related to growing up and losing your childhood or who you were in the past. Do you feel as though the person you were in the past has been swallowed up by the man you have become or need to become in the adult world?

The emotional state of your old crush and your current girlfriend are reflecting your feelings about them more so than the actual current feelings of the person. You do seem conflicted and your dream is prompting you to explore your feelings and resolve something personally for yourself. The conflicts we have within shape how we are with our relationships. In order for you to have a successful relationship with your current girlfriend whom you appear to care for deeply, you will need to resolve the presenting issues you are having about who you are, how you express yourself, and what you want and don’t want in your life.

It's always the mother's fault!

Posted by Sue on October 20, 2011 at 8:10 PM

S.T’s Dream:

I was at someone’s house I don’t know who’s with another guy and girl, I don’t know them but they were friends, because I was in love with the woman and she was in love with me and the other guy.

But it was like it was my day to spend time with her so I did, and we were making out heavily on the couch, before my family arrived and we were sharing stories and pictures etc.

Then the scene changed, we were older, by like 10 years at most and what we were doing we were all dressed nicer, all more professional looking and we were witting around in the apartment that you’ll find more about soon, sharing past stories. Before we started to share another and the scene changed

It was me and the girl again running through the college, I had no pants on but inside it was hug everyone you meet in the hall day because that’s what we had to keep doing over and over was hug everyone.

But we escaped outside, it was the same day as the previous stuff before the scene change, and as we were running still without pants for me we stopped and she gave me my pants which she kept in her bag for me.

We kept running until we got home to the apartment mentioned before we were all just moving in, me, her, the other guy that she likes and that likes her, and another random guy.

The carpets were horrible colours of brown etc.

She took me to show me all the rooms this was the first time I was seeing it, the one bedroom was the first guys, the second was the guy that was liked etc the third was hers, and the last that wasn’t completed yet still dirty and gross not fixed up yet was mine, but she assured me, I’d be with her anyway

Scene changed back to the older us sitting around talking, before the mood became more solemn more down

friends had come over, of the 2nd guy the one that was liked etc, and two of them were gay, and were offering sex to anyone that wanted it, at which points our eyes met and I ran away to the bathroom the first guy followed and was getting me ready etc before he gave up and the 2nd guy came in.

The second guy was rougher, and this is where it blanked for about 5 minutes

Then it came back and I wasn’t there in the bathroom I wasn’t me, I was living it through the memories of the others now, and the water from the shower was spilling out of the bathroom to the kitchen that’s when they knew something was wrong

I came staggering out of the bathroom almost head to toe in blood, he came out and took off and others raced after him

Scene changed again back to ‘present’ and the girl that I loved was there and I was me, and she came over to me and sat with me, ring on her finger she was mine from that day forward she explained, especially after (this seems impossible) she sucked out the hot wax from my mouth and throat to save my life, and from that moment on she vowed to be mine and we’re as happy as can be.

Sue B.’s Interpretation:

This dream seems to be related to many deep facets of who you are. You seem to be dreaming of your upbringing and how that affected your self-esteem, growing up and becoming more mature, your relationships with others and your personal needs, and your sexuality.

The woman symbolizes a lot for you. I would say this symbol is layered for you. Your mother most likely was the greatest influence with this particular character that you have appeared to internalize. In most scenes of this dream, this woman is an aspect of you, symbolizing how your feminine side is treating yourself. You appear to be connected to this part of yourself that is overall positive, powerful, and nurturing. You appear to be struggling with feeling as if you are not worthy of other’s affection, your own affection, and having your basic needs met. You may have siblings or growing up you may have gotten the impression that you are not only second choice to something but third or fourth choice. It sounds like you have always felt like you were not important, not entitled to attention and affection, and worthless. In this dream, it appears as though the dynamic you may have had with your parents growing up was internalized. This affects your relationships within yourself (you deciding not to meet your own needs, not to balance your life and choose to take care of yourself instead of pouring all of your energy into others) as well as the relationships you have or would like to pursue with others.

The changes between time periods appears to be symbolizing your reflections of your life and you processing how your experiences have affected who you are now. Running through college without pants may symbolize your feelings of vulnerability and fear of exposure. The hug everyone day may have symbolized your need to reach out to others, feel connected and feel re-connected with yourself.

There are a few symbols in your dream indicating feelings of dirtiness (brown carpets, dirty bedroom etc). You may struggle with feelings associated with shame and believing that deep down you are defective.

What has shaped who you are has shaped your sexuality and your relationships. You describe two different men in this dream. This may reflect both your internal thoughts and feelings related to your sexuality and the type of relationship you deserve as well as the relationships you have already experienced. It appears as though one of these men have truly harmed you. This experience symbolizes how draining this is for you—the water is spilling everywhere—this symbolizes your emotions, how they are not flowing in a healthy manner. You are covered with blood from head to toe- blood symbolizes your energy and it appears as though you are losing a lot of your energy in unhealthy relationships. These two symbols together sound as if you are drained and need time to reflect, heal emotionally, and build up more strength to take care of yourself.

The positive part of the dream reveals that you are processing how best to grow as a person and mature. If you reflecting back in this dream as if these events are not indicating what is happening in the hear and now. You are in conversing with many aspects within yourself and attempting to find understanding which will allow you to grow and move onto a healthier way of thinking and relating to yourself.



  • "Great dream analysis Sue! Thank you! Tremendous insight."
    Great dream analysis!